March 8 is observed as International Women’s Day globally. While no one day should be restricted to celebrating this best creation of mankind, dedicating one day to womanhood and taking cognizance of the innumerable contributions of women in our lives and the many hardships they have to go through seems like  a pretty good idea.


The plight of women globally has transitioned progressively over the years now. From a state full of pathos deemed under the extreme patriarchal society to a phase of her own independent identity and standing, the woman has come a really long way and how! The woman of today is bold, fierce, competent, self-sufficient, self-sustainable, unstoppable; you think of all the strong attributes there are and that sums up the woman today. The journey of course hasn’t been easy and the perfect progress story still seems a far-fetched dream as we speak but the take-aways from this journey have been nothing short of extraordinary.




Mired in societal, cultural, political and numerous other regressive norms, the woman from the past era was trapped in a web of endemic challenges. Yes, agreed that the woman today is still somewhere shackled in the hypocritical perception of her by the society, looking at the broader picture and the graph, the plight of women is definitely moving towards the progressive side of the fulcrum.



The state of women is all the more dismal in developing countries, our country India included. But looking at the brighter picture, our society has been one quick to adapt and respect the sentient need to acknowledge this very crucial cause of empowering our women and realizing her full potential.



Women are essentially the builders of the fate of a nation. They put their whole heart and soul in whatever they undertake. A doting mother, a caring wife, a worthy daughter, a loving sister, there are many facets to the strong person we know the woman is and she is at constant beck and call for her loved ones.



From being a home maker to a corporate top notch, the woman has never had it easy. The working woman has to constantly dabble between her house and work, and mind you, the society doesn’t give her the permission to falter. The slightest lapse, and we like the self-proclaimed societal police are quick to pass our judgment.



But what can be seen as a silver lining in this grim picture is that the woman of today is undeterred and is standing tall in the face of adversities. She has learnt to not get affected by the constant battle the society forces her in everyday and has decided to not be pulled down by the gamut of emotional guilt women have been brought up in.



Ladies, You’ve Done India Proud!

Be it in STEM, politics, arts or even the tough job of being are armed forces, the women of India are marching with determination towards a progressive front unperturbed by the persistent gender inequalities and the discriminatory behaviour meted out to them. That in itself is a commendable achievement and a substantial victory to our development as a nation.



Breaking the male-dominant stereotype, Indian women are making us proud every day. The start of 2019 saw Lt. Kasturi Bhargava lead the Republic Day parade for the first time in Indian history. Avani Chaturvedi, Bhavna Kanth, Mohana Seth, Hina Jaiswal are fierce names in the Indian Air Force.

In the field of sports, names like PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Mithali Raj, Smriti Mandhana, Mary Kom, Hina Das have been an inspiration for all Indians alike. Sushma Swaraj has emerged as a powerful political leader globally. It was a glorious moment for India when she was invited as the Guest of Honour at the OIC meet this year.

Gita Gopinath, Nirmala Sitharaman, Kiran Shaw, Rahibai Soma, Karuna Nundy, Preethi Herman are among the many illustrious names that have been acknowledged globally and are bringing glory to India. Our women are making a mark in educational, political, economic, cultural and social sphere alike.




Not just as citizens of India but as aware and reformative global citizens, we need to orchestrate concrete plans to address the discriminatory gender norms that thrive in our society and the many atrocities and violence the women are susceptible to, especially in the rural areas. No world country is immune from gender biased violence.




The government should enforce stringent laws that hold perpetrators to account of those found guilty of crime against women.

We should take it upon ourselves to address this issue and bring about equality not just as our moral imperative but because it is instrumental in building a prosperous, progressive and an enlightened India.


This International Women’s Day, let’s pledge to not dismiss the contribution of women to our society, not break their resilience and make citizens that are deserving of the creation called women.

Peachmode celebrates the spirit of womanhood and salutes every day and each moment of being a woman!


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